Belmont Park is proud to feature a variety of casual fare on for the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival. If your ticket does not include access to our seated restaurants, there are plenty of other dining options throughout the facility. 

You are also welcome to bring your own food into the facility unless you are sitting in one of the dining areas. However, please remember coolers must be see-through, and no alcoholic beverages or glass bottles may be brought in on Belmont Stakes Day. With your safety in mind, enhanced security dictates that all items must be in clear plastic containers.



Concession stands are located throughout the park, and will offer coffee, water, juice and Breakfast pastries from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pizza, bagels, frankfurters, hamburgers, sandwiches and more will be available at concession stands throughout the facility for the remainder of the day. A variety of food vendors will also be in the Backyard.



The Heritage Club Food Court located on the third floor of the Clubhouse and Grandstand, will be available on Belmont Stakes Day. The food court offers offers a full-service bar with four 42-inch flat screen televisions and three self-service teller machines. Menu items include burgers, paninis, and fresh on-the-go sandwiches and salads.